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Doodle Application

*To be placed on the waiting list for a future litter, or if you are interested in current available puppies, you will need to fill out an application.

*A paypal link is available below with the 3% fee added in for the deposit.




When a litter is born, we go down the waiting list and contact the families to ask them if they are going with the current litter or passing. This is done in the order the deposits were received. You can pass as many times as you want when we reach your name. We will email you photos of the litter so you can make a decision if you want to be added to the newborn litter or pass. You will continue to move up on the waiting list as families ahead of you adopt a puppy. 

Once a litter is born, we will then set up the choosing date. We welcome and encourage families to come in person to choose.  If you cannot come in person to choose, you may send a relative or friend to choose for you or reserve your puppy via photos, temperament test scores, descriptions and videos. The choosing is around 6 weeks of age and they leave starting at 8 weeks. 

We do not ship our puppies alone. Families either fly or drive here to pick up their puppy or we deliver the puppy personally via car or plane. The fee for delivery varies due to the distance via car or cost of plane ticket. Email us if you are interested in delivery.

When you are on a specific litter, you will receive an email each week with photos of your litter. The week of choosing, you will also receive videos and temperament test scores. We use the Volhard test when testing them. 

*For information on the sizes and generations please visit the page labeled "Pricing, Sizes, and Generations". 

Please read the following visiting policy 

*we make no exceptions 

We have a strict visitor policy. We do not want to expose our puppies or our adult breeding dogs to anything that can harm them. We only allow visitors when we have a puppy or puppies that are still available, that are at least 6 weeks old, for families that are interested in adopting the  available puppy or puppies.

We love our puppies and know that you would want your puppy protected from outside visitors also when you have a deposit on a litter. We have never had Parvo here and we never want to have to deal with that. If a puppy is exposed to Parvo, they can die within 24-48 hours. Parvo can be brought in on shoes and car tires. A puppy is not fully protected from Parvo until the puppy shots are completed at 16 weeks. We ask that you do not visit a pet store before coming to pick out or pick up your puppy. Dogs are allowed in pet stores and can carry Parvo into those stores which, in turn, you could bring here to our home and our puppies. We have put a lot of time, hard work and love into our puppies and guard them like our own children.

We do offer a list of references upon request. These are families that have purchased a doodle from us and most of them have been to our home.

Children must be well supervised while visiting our facility. Children are not allowed to carry the puppies. They may sit on the floor and let the puppies climb onto their laps. Please go over this rule with your children before arriving at our facility. The safety of the children and puppies are a high priority to us.

We want your visit to be a pleasant experience for everyone involved. When families do come to see the puppies, they are asked to remove shoes before entering the puppy play area. Parvo can be brought in on shoes and puppies love to lick the bottom of shoes. Again, this is for the safety of our puppies in the present and future.

We are state licensed and inspected.