Client Comments

  • Quincy

    Quincy True (Kelsey and Carson, orange boy). He is a delight. He's learning how to Stay in his Place. Just started it. On Friday I had people over for dinner and put him on his Place and told him to stay. We went in the family room to talk. About 20 minutes later I asked, "Where's Quincy?" I had forgotten I put him in a Stay. The little guy was still laying in the kitchen on his Place waiting to be released. What a smarty-pants and so darn cute. Thanks for bringing him into the world! Also, loving our guy Quincy. He is such a great dog! He brings us so much joy and laughter. He has this stuffed lion that he LOVES. Carries it around like a baby. So cute to watch. Chris B.
  • Charli

    Hi Christine, It has been awhile since I have communicated with you. I am sure you won't be surprised when I tell you how much we ALL are in love. Charli is the most special dog. She loves all people and everyone fights over who she loves the most. (of course it's me). My son is home now and they are best friends and my daughter comes home from the city just to see Charli. We were away for 2 weeks and Charli went to our dog sitter's. They did not want to give her back. Jody Y.
  • Molly

    Hi Christine- just thought I'd show you my girl "all grown up" on her second birthday. She just got her summer cut and I always forget how tiny she is. She is so good, extremely smart and she's hilarious to watch. I'm going on vacation next week and at least 4 families asked if they could take care of her because she's so fun and sweet. Her favorite things are her tennis ball(s) and she loves to chase bubbles. Hope all is well. Happy Summer! Tracey
  • Louie

    Well I wanted you to see some photos of our wonderful dog Louie. We'd love to see them on your website. He has a great disposition, wonderful with kids, smart, and the best looking dog in town. Clearly PawPad knows how to breed Golden Doodles. There are two other families in our town who have come over to see Louie and will be contacting you shortly. We are so happy. Stuart G.
  • Emma

    Hi Christine, We want to THANK YOU for sharing Emma with us. She has been a great fit for our family--very true to her scores! She has been the highlight of our year. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Libby B
  • Dempsey

    I just wanted to share a few photos of Dempsey (Desiree and Griffin's Bright Green Boy). He has already gained 4 lbs! We are very much enjoying him and our oldest has done a great job training him to sit, come, lie down and even stay! I wish we could perfect the potty training as fast but I know that will come with time! I am thrilled with how good he is with the kids and he only gets a little nippy with the boys when he gets excited. Thanks so much for making our family complete! We will be sure to recommend you to anyone looking for a perfect puppy! Thanks again, Tricia and Mike (We are a HUGE soccer family so it was very important to get soccer ball pictures!)
  • Lucky

    Hi Christine … I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much we love our mini golden doodle! Lucky was from your litter born last Novermber 15th. We had him go straight to Tina for training for 4 weeks. This dog is just amazing and his temperament is nothing short of perfect. We have never had a dog as a family (we have 3 kids) and Lucky is just the best fit for us. He is a happy puppy but incredibly mellow. From the moment he came home to us, he has never even nipped at one of our kids. In fact he would put his open mouth on the kids hand or arm, but NEVER would close his mouth. It was just the funniest thing to watch. And unbelievably he has never chewed a single item in our house … although he does have a serious toilet paper fixation! He listens to us and obeys all commands. Recommending Tina for 4 weeks was the best advice you could have given us. We were amazed at what she did with him. Lucky has now been with us since Feb 3rd … and all commands are intact and now fully a part of his life. This little puppy has made us so happy and I just wanted to thank you for breeding such amazing dogs. My kids (and husband) are already pressuring me to get another! Know that you have made a family in Milwaukee very happy. Here are a few pictures of Lucky (attached and below … in one he is with a friend’s cat) … Amy
  • Murphy

    Here is a picture of our wonderful pawpad doodle who is 15 months old. She is sweet, smart and loves people. Thanks for breeding such wonderful dogs. Fred S
  • Cha Cha

    Hi Christine, We just wanted to say thank you for a great experience yesterday! We are absolutely thrilled with our choice - everybody is happy - and we can't wait until she is home with us. It feels like that time will never come! My husband and I are also business owners, as we told you, and Ron is very particular about his work, is quite a perfectionist and holds himself to a very high standard. When we arrived at your place we were so impressed with everything we saw. We could tell that you have the same business philosophies. Ron especially, with owning his own company, understands the dedication and work involved in maintaining what you have. Your patience and professionalism are impeccable, not to mention the cleanliness and beauty of your entire property. You are doing such a great job, Christine, and I don't mean to babble on, but we just wanted you to know that all your hard work and energy does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. We know that success does not "just happen". Keep up the fine work and the best of luck to you and your family. Please know that that little darlin' we picked (hopefully named Cha-Cha!) is going to a great home filled with love and respect for each other and her! Jamie
  • Max

    As Max approaches one, I keep thinking about you and what an amazing breeder you are. We couldn't be more happy with Max (green ribbon boy). He is loving, sweet, cuddly, curious, attentive, friendly........ The list could go on. He has been such a great addition to our family. We can't imagine our lives without him. You have provided us with such a gift. To say thank you almost doesn't seem like enough! Love, The Nash Family
  • Mookie

    We want to say thank you for Mookie. He is a great dog and we all love him. You obviously do a great job with these pups. He is healthy, happy and very smart. We are having a great time with him and couldn't be happier. Please see attached photo. Again, we really appreciate what you do. Best regards, Ellyn & Bernie
  • Milo

    Just wanted to let you know Milo went to the vet for his 12 week shots today and the vet was extremely impressed by the vaccinations he's had up to this point! She said she's only seen one other breeder with such a thorough vaccination regimen. She said most breeders don't do that. Milo's doing great. He's up to 8 pounds and growing quickly. Very happy puppy! also said he's one of the cutest puppies she's ever seen. We agree of course. Hope all is going well with you. We still go on your website to check out the new puppies and watch Milo's video to see how he's grown! Below is picture of Milo helping Noah with his homework. Tami
  • Sophie

    Christine, Sophie just celebrated her 2nd birthday and is the the most lovable companion. Her mother is Fiona and her father is Harley. Sophie’s personality is so sweet. She puts herself to bed at 8:00 pm and would prefer not to get up before 10 am and adores everybody, particularly young men. She loves the male vet tech so loves going there, and I have teenage grandsons so she is in heaven when they visit. She still loves her crate, although I now leave the crate door open when I leave and close the door to “her room.” I can’t tell you grateful I am that I sent her to Tina’s for three weeks of training. She also loves scarves and won’t let me take them off, even at night. She sticks her neck out wants the scarf back on, thus she has quite a collection since she gets groomed every 5 - 6 weeks and receives a new one each time. Sophie is a true gift and has made my life so much fuller since my husband passed away 4 months before I adopted her. Life truly is better with a golden doodle and I can’t thank you enough. Best wishes to you and yours. Joyce
  • Daisy

    Christine, 1000 Thank you's for our green ribbon girl- aka Daisy. We could not ask for a better breeder or dog!! We truly only have positive things to say about you and PPD (Paw Pad Doodles). Daisy is funny, smart, kind and adds many laughs into our house. You are top notch as a breeder with your integrity and professionalism. I would recommend a PPD to anyone who asks. Having Daisy and PPD in our life has added SO much- thank you!!! Thanks again, Ellen
  • Ryder

    Attached are recent pictures of Ryder (Autumn and Packer’s litter, Feb 2013). He is a wonderful dog and LOVES the boat and fishing. We just took him to Ely MN and he had a ball. He jumped off the dock and nearly caught a loon! Thank you for the joy he has brought our family. He is so smart and continues to flourish in dog training. The trainers up here in MN say Doodle puppy-years seem to be 2 or 3 years long. He is silly, and a goofball and makes us laugh every day. He is awesome dog! Laurie
  • Jazmin

    Hi Ladies, (Tina and Christine) I wanted to let you know that Jazmin met with our vet yesterday. He was EXTREMELY impressed with her and with both of you. He said she is in picture perfect health. He also was very impressed by her behavior and the meticulous documentation of her history, behavior and health records. He asked about her breeder and trainer and said he would recommend you to his patients who are interested. I thought you should know this because I believe you offered her the best start in life. She is one lucky girl. Thank you both for our amazing girl. Lyn C.
  • Teddy

    Hi Christine, Hope all is well! Just wanted to send you this picture of Teddy. He is growing up so fast. Here he is at 18 weeks (tomorrow). Red Boy- Chelsea Griffin May 28, 2014 He is so sweet and gets along wonderfully with our 10-year-old golden retriever. They are best buds. He is a joy to our entire family and seriously – look at him – he is the cutest puppy on the planet! Thank you again so much for doing such an awesome job as a breeder. We feel very blessed to have found you and to have Teddy in our lives. -Melanie
  • Massachusetts' Doodle Romp

    Hi Christine- Yesterday all of the paw pad doodles from our neighborhood of West Newton got together for a reunion. All but 1 are Carson pups (Ruby Cohen is the exception)- and we have 10 altogether. I have included a few photos-- but you will see (in order of seniority)- Zoe (Bierly), Mouse (Salkever), Chloe (Kusiak), Snickerdoodle (Bloch), Martha (Salkever), Scout (Andrae), Gracie (May/Chu), Ruby (Cohen), Blue (Hodge), and Ginger (Conn). Without a doubt, we are highest pawpad population in the country given our small neighborhood (we are maybe 2 miles wide). Needless to say everyone adores their Pawpad pups- and this is a testament to the wonderful job you do. We thought you might enjoy these. Hope you are well and thanks! Katya
  • Rx

    Hi Christine! I just wanted to give you an update on Rx (dark green boy from Willow/Buckley)! He's doing great, and we absolutely love him! We picked him up from Tina's last friday (10-3) and he's settled in very well since he's been home. Sending him to Tina's was the best advice we could ever have been given. He listens so well and is so unbelievably smart. We've gotten so many compliments on how well behaved he is, and of course how absolutely adorable he is. We cannot thank you enough for raising such a wonderful pup and the perfect addition to our family. Allison R
  • London

    Hi Christine, I can't tell you how thankful I am for London! She is truly the best pup! Doesn't shed, doesn't bark, loves catch and tug of war, smart and LOVES every dog and person! She probably would be friends with a squirrel if she could. My father who never allowed me to get a dog while growing up loves her so much, he calls to FaceTime (not me, but London)! Enjoy the pictures. Liz
  • Dog trainer in the Chicago area.

    I've had the privilege of working with several of your clients in the Chicago area, and I just have to thank you for being such a responsible breeder. The pups are a pleasure to train! They have high working intelligence, solid temperaments and are eager to please. In fact, they are so solid, I've begun recommending you to clients of mine who are looking for a new puppy for their homes. All the Best, Carol Ross Director of Training
  • Rosie

    🍁Happy Fall🍂!!!!! Alex & Ben are in love with her, she has us all wrapped around her lil paw!!! :-)) Zawackis 🐾
  • Macallan

    Hi Christine Just wanted to say thank you for breeding such an adorable well behaved puppy. Below are pictures of our puppy Macallan from Scarlett''s and Maxx's litter. He is now 5 months. We love him so much. When we walk him everyone stops to ask who the breeder was. I have given your names to so many people. Thank you Angie A.
  • Sam

    Hi Christine, We bought a mini F1b Goldendoodle from you last December (Denver & Ivy were the parents). Sam is 1 year old now and I just wanted to send you a quick email saying thank you! We are so happy with Sam. He fits right in with our family. He's healthy, very smart, playful, and most of all sweet and loving. He's 35 lbs now. Just the right size for us. I can't tell you how many compliments we have gotten about him over this past year. Though I'm not surprised, he is adorable. Thank you again! Anita & Patrick
  • Choosing day experience!

    Hi Christine, Our family had such a nice time visiting on Saturday. You command a well-run business. I was very impressed with the special touches such as the sign out front with visiting family names, the cleanliness of your facility, everything being well-organized, the overall experience and your knowledge and politeness with your clients. It was a very positive experience that the whole family enjoyed. Thanks! Eric S.
  • Milo

    Hi Christine First of all we wish you and your family a very Happy 2016 here. I am writing this email to update you on Milo (Sophie and Max pup that we adopted in Nov, 2014). We want to thank you for having us adopt Milo. Milo is now 15 months old and having him is a pure bliss. He is so much a part of our family that the whole family is enjoying having a baby boy at home. Both our daughters are delighted to have a younger brother. We think he will always stay our baby boy. He is the happiest soul and everyday is more and more fun with him. Milo has developed a personality of his own and he is such a friendly puppy that the whole neighborhood knows Milo. Taking Milo for a walk means strangers stopping to pet him, regulars calling him by name and even stops at his other canine friends' homes. The training process with Milo was so smooth that he was fully house trained in less than a month. He listens and follows most of his commands and handing out his paw to shake hand is his way! He can play for hours and he has his ways to call you directly. He will bring his toys and put them in your hand to initiate playtime. The only thing we wish and kinda believe is that one day he will just talk to us Emoji. Thank you once again. Regards Ashoo and Sonia D.
  • Teddy

    Hi Christine, I picked up dark green boy (now named Teddy) from you all yesterday. I just wanted to say THANK YOU! He is everything we were hoping for and more. My daughters are completely IN LOVE. He is patient, loving, playful, a great sleeper, easy to work with, and the cutest darn dog we've ever seen! Moreover Teddy went to the vet this morning for a check-up and he said it was evident that Teddy was extremely well cared-for by the breeder. Thank you for taking such pride in what you do. It shows! With Heartfelt Gratitude, Kim & Vess
  • Rusty

    Hi Christine, I hope all is well. We had some holiday pictures taken of Rusty a few months ago -- thought you might like to see. Almost 1 year old already (where did the time go?)! I think he still has a growth spurt or two in him -- his paws are still a little big for the rest of his body so I expect he will grow into them. It's funny how many people I run into in the Burr Ridge area who have a goldendoodle from you -- and everyone always speak so highly of you, your team and the whole experience :-) Can't imagine life without a doodle and can't imagine going to any other breeder!! All my best, Kate
  • Darla

    Christine and Tina, I just wanted to write the two of you and let you know how absolutely wonderful our mini f1b Goldendoodle, Darla, is. She brings so much joy into our lives. She is healthy, happy, playful, and just has the greatest temperament. We could not ask for a better pup. We have had such a good time watching her grow and so many laughs. She was worth every penny and we could not imagine our lives without her. We have you guys to thank! So THANK YOU a million times over!! We hope to be a two doodle household maybe one day so I hope to be in touch in the future! Here are some current pics of our loveable dood. Kristina P.
  • Franklin

    Hi Christine! We just wanted to send you some pictures of Franklin and let you know he's doing great! His training is going well and he learns more every day! We LOVE having him as a part of our family and he's already brought us so much happiness! Thanks, Emily and Jon S
  • Charlie

    Hi Christine, We haven't reached out since we got Charlie back in October (Sadie & Tucker 7/13/16) but I just wanted to let you know that he is doing well and we love him so much! He has a ton of personality and he has brought a lot of happiness into our house. Thank you again for our amazing dog! Hope all is well with you! Parker S.
  • Pete

    I hope all is well. I wanted to give you an update on Pete. Casey and I are very happy with him! He is the friendliest and smartest puppy I have ever seen and we have not had any issues with him whatsoever. He was easy to potty train, only making 2 or 3 messes in the house, and picked up on simple commands quickly. All in all, we couldn’t have dreamed how awesome he would be. I have attached a few pictures so you can see him now. It is safe to say that when it is time for Pete to have a sister we will be back. Thank you so much! Richie P